Education Levels of the Workforce

thumb EducationCenterville15miWhen contrasted with the rural area outside of Centerville, the educational levels of the town's people appear to be slightly greater than others. However, the chart below indicates that the rural areas in the highest growth area of the county may have significant educational advantages.

EducationCenterville15miEducation in The Growth Area

Educational Levels in Hickman County and the Bon Aqua / Lyles RegionWhen considering a 15-mile radius from the Hwy 46/100 intersection near Bon Aqua and Lyles, it appears that a more substantial part of the population has achieved significant college experience. This would stand to reason as the towns of Fairview and Dickson are within the 15-mile radius. A large part of the population within this radius works out-of-county for higher paying jobs within the Nashville Metro area that require higher levels of education.


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