Where People Live

thumb EarthLightsThe obvious growth areas for the region occur in municipalities served by the Interstate Highway system. The Nashville Metro area is by far the largest area of growth that impacts Hickman County. A large percentage of local residents in Hickman County travel to the Nashville Metro area and nearby municipalities for employment.

Significant Commute or Workforce Ready for Local Employment?

Lights at night show the areas of significant population. Being less densely populated, people commute to other centers for work each day. Hickman County has one of the highest average commute times in Middle Tennessee because so many people are unable to find suitable local employment.

Just across and along the northern border of Hickman County, Interstate 40 passes through Dickson, Tennessee, another area that employs many Hickman Countians. The city is also a major shopping area for local residents.

EarthLightsTo the northeast Interstate 840 connects I-40 with I-65 passing Fairview, Franklin, Brentwood, and Murfreesboro--communities also growing rapidly.

Not far from the east-central part of the county, Columbia and Spring Hill are growing areas. Both are located along I-65. Columbia is easily accessible from Hickman County by State Highway 50.

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