Where People Live

thumb EarthLightsThe obvious growth areas for the region occur in municipalities served by the Interstate Highway system. The Nashville Metro area is by far the largest area of growth that impacts Hickman County. A large percentage of local residents in Hickman County travel to the Nashville Metro area and nearby municipalities for employment.

Education Levels of the Workforce

thumb EducationCenterville15miWhen contrasted with the rural area outside of Centerville, the educational levels of the town's people appear to be slightly greater than others. However, the chart below indicates that the rural areas in the highest growth area of the county may have significant educational advantages.

Quick Facts About Hickman County People

thumb peopleFactsThe following graph gives a comparison of Hickman County people to others in Tennessee. It shows, for example, that a higher percentage of Hickman County residents own their own home than in the rest of the state. It also shows that Hickman County has fewer people with college degrees.

Health Factors


The following information is taken from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.

It contrasts the demographics in Hickman County with the entire state. The county fairs a little better than the rest of the state for health care, mostly as a result of having a St. Thomas Hospital located in Centerville.

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